EDU 356A Technology in the Classroom Agenda

Class Objectives:

  • Plan lessons where student learning is enhanced through the integration of technology (S4. K3, P4) (S12. K2)
  • Use and adapt lessons integrating technology to meet the needs of diverse learners (S7, K2)
  • 4. The educator understands and uses a variety of appropriate instructional strategies to develop various kinds of students’ learning including critical thinking, problem solving, and reading.

Essential Question:

  • What does it take to change our world?

Unit Question:

  • What have educators done to positively impact our world?

Content Question:

  • What obsticles did they overcome to change the world?
  • Who did their work impact?

Video Discussion:

Class Activity:

  • Shooting will take place Monday at Sterling High School
  • Be sure to not wear anything green unless you don't want that portion of body to appear in video
  • Consider using for displaying script during filming
  • Green Screen advice for successful completion.

Class Homework:

  • Students are to be completing their PSA video by 8pm Wednesday.
    • Upload video to TnC 356 YouTube channel
    • All PSA projects will need to be posted just like we did for DS projects.
      • Same YT login as the SearchStories project.
      • Your uploade rubric will be used to evaluate the PSA video.