EDU 356A Technology in the Classroom Agenda

Class Objectives:

  • Plan for integrated lessons utilizing technology (S11.P3)
    • 1. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
      • Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and learning, and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning, creativity, and innovation in both face-to-face and virtual environments. Teachers:
        • promote, support, and model creative and innovatice thinking and inventiveness.
        • promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students' conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes.
    • 6. Technology Operations and Concepts
      • Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations. Students:
        • Understand and use technology systems
        • select and use applications effectivey and productively

  • Essential Question: How can I best design instruction that promotes thinking?
  • Unit Question: What does thinking look like?
  • Content Question: What thinking skills should I target for my classroom?

Class Activity:


  • In preparation for our guest Kevin Honeycutt next Monday night students are to start thinking of a public service announcement topic as the focus of a podcast. The topic should address a focus within their curriculum emphasis. Here are the steps to be completed before class next Monday.

  1. Watch the video "Podcasting in Plain English" by using the link on class wiki's front page. Scroll to bottom of page to find the link.
  2. Use one of the following links to find example podcast that is in your curriculum or grade level.
  3. Brainstorm three possible topics that can be used as in creating a public service announcemnt and use this "Wall Wisher" to post them. Students need to provide name on sticky note to earn credit for completing this task.