EDU 356A Technology in the Classroom Agenda

Welcome and Introduction
  • Mr. Dean Mantz
  • Course Syllabus
  • Grading Scale
  • Weekly Activity Guidance
    • Essential Question "Who am I?"
    • Unit Question "What is my role in education?"
    • Content Question "How do I plan to inspire students?"
  • Class Calendar
  • TnC Media

Course Goals:
  • Create projects for use in own classroom.
  • Projects will be cross-curriculum and applicable to multiple grade levels.
  • Provide interactive, collaborative classroom sessions.
  • Enhance knowledge of technology being integrated into classrooms.
  • Develop skills that meet 21st Century standards.

Class Objectives:

  • Students will develop an understanding for expectations of the instructor
  • Develop an understanding for prior experiences and technology of peers
  • Evaluate the vision and understanding of pre-service students role as an integrating educator
  • Establish pre-service students presence on the web.
  • Gain input into curriculum and technology interest of pre-service students

Video & Discussion:

  • What has your educational experiences been like to this point?
  • What was the theme of the videos?

Video #1

Video #2

Class Activity:

1. TnC Blog Site

  • Click on "Login" in upper right hand corner of site
  • username is your first and last name (i.e. John Doe)
  • password is..... (Case sensitive)

2. Google Apps for Education

3. Class Questionare

Survey Results

Outside of Class for Week 01:

  • Students will write a blog post introducing themselves to everyone.
    • Watch tutorial video on TnC Media page for "Overview of Kidblog" and "Proper method of responding to blogs.
    • Log into your Kids Blogprofile to create your blog post.
    • Write a blog post reflecting upon this prompt: “Who am I and why become an educator?”
    • Select the "Write New Post" tab
      • Blog post title needs to be creative and relate to the body of information shared.
      • Consider using the "Save As Draft" option to review later.
      • Upon completion of writing use the "Publish" option to have it posted.
      • Final activity is to respond to two different classmate blogs.
        • Keep in mind this advice from Karl Fisch (Colorado educator) "What's the purpose of your comment? What do you want to happen next? Frame comment accordingly.
        • Review Mrs. Yolli's 3rd grade page addressing "How to Compose a Quality Comment."
  • Blog Posts DUE Saturday, February 15th by 5:00pm CDT
  • Classmate blog post feedback due Sunday, February 16th by 8pm CDT